How focused are you?

Your focus is the most precious thing you have. To be able to focus on one task at a time is the most important skill you need to have.

However, today we have more distractions than ever before. I wrote an application to measure how much time I spend focused on doing one task.  Here is a screen shot of my activity, it tells me how much my mind is thrashing,  and I am jumping from one application to another.

My aim is to see big block of colors on this application which tells me If I was focused on one thing or not. Too many different color lines means I am doing too much time-slicing and I am distracted.


Every 10 sec, this application is making a log of my activity on my machine, and it shows an activity graph with different colors of lines per activity. This is a very simple application, It just log my activity on my PC. Code is on GitHub and you can download this application here.

Here are list of things, you can do to be less distracted:

  • Turn off all the notification on the PC and phone
  • Absolutely, you must turn off email. It is a productivity killer. I check my mail every few hours.
  • Don’t check twitter, FB and other social sites too often.
  • One most annoying distraction is when you open a web page to do something, and it by default start showing you todays news … and you end up reading the news and realize after 15 min that you open the web page to do something important. Turn off the news on default new page.
  • I know Slack, Team, Skype and communicator all are important part of your work, but I say you should turn them off too to avoid being distracted.

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