Encroachment on Hard disk

Yesterday, I noticed my 100+ GB SSD has no space left. After investigation, I found my Skydrive is taking 20 GB. It was an easy fix, right click on Skydrive, click on property menu, choose Location tab and set a new location where your file should be synced. I moved all my skydrive files to E: drive and thought this will solve the problem.

Next day, when I came in office, I found again there is no free space left on my c drive. Empty the deleted folder, It helped with few hundred MB but still not much free space left. I looked around, try to find any huge files, music, pictures, video etc and deleted many files from C drive.  All this deleting did not free up any significant amount of space. Then I went ahead and tried the followings (you can reach to all these options by right clicking on drive and choos property):

  • Disk cleanup.
  • Compress this drive to save disk space.
  • Uncheck “allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties”
  • On tools tab you will find, ‘Error Checking’
  • Optimize and defragment drive

I ran all the above options, still no luck! Hard disk is still showing no space left.

Searched the hidden files (In explorer, click on view tab and check on  show all the hidden files to see hidden files) but found nothing.

When all else failed, I got a TreeSize utility (not recommending any particular product, as I did not use anything from web. There are many products, let me know which one you like) and looked at my hard disk. TreeSize showed me two hidden files hiberfile.sys and pagefile.sys both of 20 GB each. These files are not visible to naked eye, you have to use one of the TreeSize utilities.  Now how to delete this file:

Start Command Prompt as “Run as administrator.”
type powercfg -h off

This gets rid of your hiberfile.sys. But now, there is no more option to set your computer to hibernation. Hibernation feature creates this file. You can turn it ‘on’ by typing powercfg -h on.

for pagefile.sys, go to ControlPanel -> system->click on Advance -> then setup your page file size to a reasonable size.

Just fixing this freed up 40 GB for me.

Hope this will save you some time. I wasted almost two hours to solve this problem.



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