Column Dependencies

Often it happens, that we want to play with a column value of a table. Not knowing the ramification of the column value, we have to resort to the back breaking manual process of finding the dependency on the column.  Using the management studio, get the list of stored procedures depended on the table. Go thru each stored procedure and check which stored procedure does what with the column in question. 


Today, I came across 29 stored procedure to be waded thru to get a column significance in a table. The UI in management studio gives the dependency on the table, but does not discuss the column level dependency. However, all this information is nicely tucked in the SQL tables. Using the following query, my quest reduced from 29 Stored procedures to 3 stored procedures. Here is the query



      Script to get the name of stored procedure which

    effect the column



declare @TableName varchar(250)

declare @ColumnName varchar(250)

declare @TableId int

declare @ColumnId int


set @TableName = ‘EventDetail ‘

set @ColumnName = ‘NotificationType’


— Get the TableId


select @ColumnId = Column_id from sys.columns (nolock)

                  where object_id = Object_id (@TableName)  and Name = @ColumnName


if @ColumnId is not null


      select distinct o.Name, d.is_updated, d.is_selected

            from sys.objects o  (nolock) join sys.sql_dependencies d  (nolock)

                  on d.object_id = o.object_id

                    where d.referenced_major_id = Object_id (@TableName)

                               and ( d.class = 0 and d.referenced_minor_id = @ColumnId )




            select distinct o.Name

                  from sys.objects o (nolock)  join sys.sql_dependencies d  (nolock)

                        on d.object_id = o.object_id

                          where d.referenced_major_id = Object_id (@TableName)




From BOL:

Dependencies are established during CREATE only if the referenced (independent) entity exists at the time that the referencing (dependent) object is created. Due to deferred name resolution, the referenced entity need not exist at the time of creation. In this case, a dependency row is not created. Moreover, entities referenced through dynamic SQL do not establish dependencies.


2 thoughts on “Column Dependencies

  1. to get the other table names which uses the same column

    select t.* from
    sys.tables t join sys.columns c on
    t.object_Id = c.object_id where = @ColumnName ;

  2. sys.sql_dependencies = This feature will be removed in a future version of Microsoft SQL Server. Avoid using this feature in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently use this feature. Use sys.sql_expression_dependencies instead.

    select distinct OBJECT_NAME (d.referenced_id) TABLE_OR_VIEW,
    OBJECT_NAME( d.referencing_id )
    from sys.objects o (nolock)
    join sys.sql_expression_dependencies d (nolock)
    on d.referenced_id = o.object_id
    where d.referenced_id
    in ( select Object_id (Name) from sys.tables where name like ‘UA%’)
    order by 1

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